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French lessons in Bournemouth

Bespoke French lessons in Bournemouth

We provide expert French lessons in Bournemouth for young children (4 and above), school pupils, college and university students, and adult learners. Our French lessons cater for all ages, levels and abilities.

Our French examination lessons help prepare tutees for Common Entrance (CE) French, GCSE/IGCSE French, A-Level French, International Baccalaureate (IB) French, Pre-U French, and university French examinations.

We also provide specialist French lessons incorporating a range of educational services, helping to develop French tutees' study skills, supporting French tutees throughout the UCAS application process, including the editing and writing of UCAS personal statements, preparing French tutees to read French (single or joint honours) at Oxbridge, and providing business French lessons for business professionals and students of business.

We tutor in the comfort of your home, online (via Skype, Zoom, Teams or FaceTime), or at the home of one of our specialist French tutors, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our French tutors tailor their lessons to the needs of each tutee.


Comments from past students

French lessons with a 'personal touch'

I couldn't be happier with my decision to take French lessons with Bespoke Language Tuition (BLT). My French tutor is clearly enthusiastic about his love of French and you really feel that he enjoys teaching the lessons. He personalises my lessons to my level so I can really learn to my best ability and he varies all his lessons to keep me fully engaged in learning French. I could not praise BLT more - a great company with a real personal touch. I would recommend BLT's French lessons to anyone looking to learn French - whatever ability you are!

Ele Gray, Bournemouth

Fantastic French lessons

My French lessons with Bespoke Languages Tuition (BLT) are fantastic! I am so pleased I found them! My French tutor is so passionate about French and makes my lessons fun as well as intellectually challenging. She has really given me confidence in my ability in French and sets out what she wants to achieve in all our lessons. She learns your learning style and adapts her French lessons to complement this. She is a brilliant French tutor, who is always helpful and really outgoing, and wants to bring out the best in everyone! I'm really enjoying my French lessons with BLT! Merci bien!

James King, Bournemouth

Thoroughly engaging and enjoyable French lessons

I took French lessons with BLT and enjoyed every moment of it. I'd always loved French food, the culture and the country, and had picked up some French words and phrases, but I'd never taken French lessons formally. My tutor was a French specialist and I found her knowledge of and passion for French inspiring. I learnt so much in all my French lessons and am so grateful to her for all her efforts. I took a GCSE in French at the end of one year of intensive French lessons with BLT and I achieved an A grade. Not bad for a 'mature' student! I was over the moon! Thoroughly engaging and enjoyable French lessons! Highly recommended! Thank you for everything!

Ollie Dubois, Bournemouth

Absolutely fab French lessons

Inspiring French lessons, after which I felt fully prepared for my AS level French exams. My tutor was able to spot my strengths and weaknesses easily - in all our lessons we worked particularly hard on those aspects of French which I felt least confident about. All the extra help and support, such as advice on how to think more laterally and how to structure arguments more cogently, made my French lessons a really rounded educational experience, and we discussed a large variety of subjects which always sustained my attention and interest in French. Absolutely fab French lessons! Thanks so much!

Rosie Robertson, Bournemouth


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